SAFE holds a quarterly Open House in which we invite our supporters and neighbors to come for a visit! Here are the dates we’ve chosen for 2024:

2024 Open House Dates:

April 27, 2024
June 15, 2024
September 28, 2024
December 8, 2024

Noon to 3pm

Safe Harbor Stables
10407 192nd Ave NE
Redmond WA 98053

Admission and parking are free to these family-friendly events.

Guidelines for Visiting SAFE

People coming to the barn is a great thing for SAFE! It brings us more volunteers, more supporters, and even potential adopters. The downside, however, is that people can unknowingly carry germs with them from other barns—on their hands, their clothes, their boots, and even their car tires. Many of our horses come from backgrounds of neglect and have inadequate vaccine histories. Their immune systems are likely to be less than optimal compared to horses who have been well taken care of their whole lives. There is always a concern that people can bring illness onto the property.

So, we have a few guidelines for visitors to Safe Harbor Stables to keep our herd safe and healthy: 

  • Look and take pictures, but please don’t touch the horses.
  • If you’re coming to SAFE from another horse farm, please change into clean clothes and shoes. (Same goes for when you leave SAFE and visit another horse property.)
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and we may ask you to step onto a bleach pad before you proceed onto our property
  • Hand sanitizer should also be used after handling items at a tack sale.
  • Again, please do not touch our horses! Photos are welcome!

Thank you for helping us take the best care possible of our herd. And thank you for being a friend to SAFE! We couldn’t do what we do without you.