We had a call from Nick Donohue today with a great training report on Orion. He told us that he has been able to have a few other riders work Orion and each was very successful. He also said that he used Orion this week as a “support” horse for a troubled horse as they rode them outside together. WOW! Our sweet boy is just roughly 45 days under saddle and is already able to be used to help do a job and give another horse comfort in uneasy situations. That says a tremendous amount about his quality and temperament. Nick also said that of all the warmblood-type horses he has started, Orion is by far his favorite! How cool is that? Nick says he has a good mind and is sensitive and forward moving. All this bodes well for Orion. Combined with the terrific start he’s receiving from Nick and his kind personality, this athletic young gelding has a very bright future ahead of him!

Here is a little video of Orion heading out to turnout with the other geldings. You can see him bringing up the rear. What a great experience and learning opportunity for him! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Nick and for our horses to be receiving such an amazing foundation. Read more about Donohue Horsemanship and Sliver Spade Ranch on Nick’s website: http://www.donohuehorsemanship.com/index.htm