Oscar and Scooter were taken straight to Evergreen Holistic Vet Care on Saturday to await their gelding surgeries. Both stallions have proven to be extremely difficult to handle and their surgeries were bumped up to this week to get them done as soon as possible. Oscar was castrated today and Scooter will be done later this week.

Photos below show Scooter during one of his short, supervised turnout sessions (during which he mostly paces and paws frantically). He may not be saying “Please hurry up and make me a gelding”, but we sure are! There is NOTHING worse than a unhandled, aged stallion. They are dangerous, and they are miserable. Scooter and Oscar were living in pens that hadn’t been opened in so long they had to cut the fences to get them out. We can only hope that they will settle down after the hormones are out of their system and with consistent handling.

Update 2/24/12 — Scooter has now joined the ranks of the geldings. He’s doing fine post surgery. (Photo added below)