This is what neglect does to horses!

Oscar had his teeth done this week and they were some of the worst teeth Dr. Hannah has ever seen. Huge points and ramps that caused ulcerations all along his cheek and had worn down the opposing teeth, in some cases down to the gum line. One broken tooth. He should be feeling much better now! 

Oscar also had two smaller growths removed, one from his eye and one from a hind leg, that Dr Hannah initially thought were sarcoids. Upon removing the one on the hind leg, however, she felt that it should be sent to pathology, and it came back a melanoma. Dr. Hannah got good margins on the removals and his bloodwork came back good, so hopefully the melanoma will not return or metasticize. On a very good note, he is now completely healed from his castration, has had all his routine care and in a week will be heading up to training and his next adventure in life! He has done an about-face in his behavior now that the hormones are gone from his system and we have high hopes he can be a very nice riding horse for someone!