On a rainy Friday in June, our newest addition to the herd, Abby, arrived at SAFE. Abby is a sweet, easy going mare with wispy mane and kind eyes. Sadly, her owner passed away in a car accident and Pierce County Animal Control took her in when no other family members came to claim her. We originally thought this Quarter Horse type mare was in her 20s, but a dental appointment with our vet last week let us know she is most likely in her mid 30s. The staff is working to figure out the best diet to meet her needs. We have added alfalfa to help her digestion and are letting her free feed to get her up to weight.

Polite and patient, Abby stands nicely for treating her left front hoof for thrush and when the staff needs to give her a bath. Abby’s neighbor, Ari, a BLM Mustang arrived not even a week later. Ari has never been touched or handled by people before, so we are happy that Abby’s presence can give her comfort. We are excited to get to know our dear Abby and we’re pretty confident that we can find her a great home where she can live out her days being pampered and adored.