We have a new horse to introduce. She joined our herd Wednesday, April 21st at 10:37pm. Welcome to the world, Coco!

Sundae delivered her filly quickly and easily without a hitch. Less than two minutes passed between the time her water broke and her foal was born. The filly was on her feet within the next hour and nursing about an hour after that. Coco is a strong little filly, and Sundae is such a good mama. The two greeted each other with nickers and whinnies, and Sundae was gently encouraging as Coco struggled to figure out her long legs and then find her way to the milk dispensers. And it all went perfectly.

We are so relieved that everything went so smoothly, and we can’t wait to share Coco’s journey with you. Special thanks to Melinda C for helping us through another successful pregnancy and birth. It was great to have the old gang back together!!