Pepper has achieved a training milestone: she wore a saddle for the first time! We’ll be spending plenty of time getting her comfortable with the saddle before we introduce a rider, but so far, so good! Because of an atrophied muscle in Pepper’s right hip and a somewhat crooked limb, Pepper will not be a vigorous riding horse but is expected to be suited as an easy-going riding horse.

Sienna and Pepper, best friends from the start!

Pepper’s paddock buddies are Sienna and Veronica. Sienna can be a bit of a boss and very picky about her herd mates, so we introduced Pepper to her first. Sienna was immediately in love with her newest friend, sharing hay from the same hay net without hesitation. It took her a little bit more time with Veronica, but it worked out. Both Pepper and Veronica were part of the Fall City 40 and had a lot of experience with herd dynamics, so we thought they would be a great fit for our very particular mare, Sienna. Turns out we were right and the three are now best friends.