We loved Pepper at SAFE, but it was hard not to walk by her stall or paddock and ask, ‘you’re still here?’ Pepper was one adoptable little pony! But good things come to those who wait, and indeed, when the wonderful folks at Sammamish Animal Sanctuary came knocking, Pepper answered. They had a two-fold desire, you see. One of their horse residents had just passed, leaving her equine BFF lonely and in desperate need of a friend. They were also looking for a light riding horse who could one day mature into the job of lead-line pony for children’s camp programs and the like. Pepper, loyal friend to Veronica and Sienna and others before them, ticked the friend box with a big bold line. The lead-line pony job would be one she would grow into, but because of the hard work she had been doing under saddle, she had a solid foundation that, as it continued to be built upon, would prepare her perfectly for the kids horse title one day.

All prospective adopters of riding horses come to ride, and Pepper’s ride went smooth as could be. Then it was just about setting a date to take her home to the farm. On the day of, she loaded on the trailer and was on her way to her new life amongst goats and pigs and horses, just to name a few of the creatures soon to join her family. There was a welcoming party ready to greet her as she stepped off the trailer, and she took a brave walk around the farm to greet all the faces sharing her address. They were all curious about her as she was about them. But happiest of all was her new horse friend, Abby, who was immediately smitten with Pepper. The feeling, it seemed, was mutual!

Since arriving at her new home, Pepper has settled in tremendously well. Her work under saddle is continuing, and by all reports she is doing great. Her bonds with her horse friends have only continued to grow, and the same can be said about the humans who she spends time with each day. You can visit Pepper and all her friends at her new home by scheduling a visit at https://sammamishanimalsanctuary.org/. Congratulations, Pepper!