Another one of our Fall City 40 is adopted! Our adorable, goat braying, fluffy maned little girl is all grown up and living her best life as a best friend to her big brother, Cal, a 17 year old 16HH Andalusian. Her adopter, Sue, was looking for another friend for Cal when his buddy passed away earlier this summer, leaving a huge gap in their lives and a distraught Cal. Sue’s family is passionate about “adopt don’t shop” and while their priority was to find Cal a friend, they were thrilled to also find a riding partner for Sue. The two may even participate in future Joel Connor clinics at SAFE!

When we first met Pepper she was living with a large herd in a muddy field with no shelter, not enough food, worm infested and in need of medical and farrier care. Now Pepper is enjoying her new life in Granite Falls, WA on a BEAUTIFUL property, with a new best friend, and a family who adores her. This is the life a horse would dream about and the life Pepper deserves.