Pepper has recovered from a wound on her hind leg that had her on stall rest for a couple months. She was a star patient for all her treatments and even coped really well with being separated from her herd and stuck in a rehab lot. Pepper has just been back to work this week and really picked things up right where she left off! The back cinch is still an issue for Pepper, but we’re seeing definite improvement when we work with the rope before saddling. 

Every day, she is quicker at getting through her trouble with the back cinch and lining out in understanding. Pepper is still very green, but we are hoping to get her out riding in the big arena this spring and out on the trails! She’s been hand-walked with her buddies on the trails near SAFE and she loves it. Crossing bridges without hesitation, walking by bicycles, loud children, dogs, and other horses like a champ!