We are excited to tell you all that our baby Piper is returning to her wonderful foster mom, Talia, but this time it is for KEEPS! Yep, you heard it right, Piper is ADOPTED!

Piper meets Talia at the gate every morning.

Talia fell in love with Piper two years ago when she opened her herd and heart for Piper to foster and have space to “grow up” and be a kid. At the time adoption was not in the cards, but Talia always kept and eye on her girl and hoped that someday it may work out.

Well the stars are aligned and their moment has come! Piper is now living in Leavenworth with Talia and her mare Nova. Nova was Piper’s buddy when she was fostered, so it will be somewhat of a family reunion! Although Piper has grown a ton so Nova may be surprised to be looking up at her this time.

We are so grateful for the time and patience SAFE allows our young horses to mature. Piper has shown our community how raising a baby right, everyone comes out a winner. Talia takes this responsibility very seriously. She is prepared to give Piper an amazing life full of adventures and memories, while understanding a pace that matches Piper’s needs as she continues to mature physically and mentally. We only ask that they bring us along whenever possible and share photos of their life together. Piper you are the sweetest mare in the whole world — thank you for trusting SAFE and touching the hearts of so many of us