Pippi is growing up right before our eyes! In the last clinic, Pippi got her first real taste of groundwork. It’s clear that she is quite herd bound and since she’s been surrounded by people her whole life, has little respect for human personal space. During the clinic, Joel called this a “city horse” issue: growing up with so many people loving on her, she not afraid of anyone and thus had no reason to move when asked. This does have its good side since she is VERY gentle to be around, but the downside is she can be dull and needs to learn she could move her feet. If we didn’t help her through this, she could became very dull and upset when we go to ride her and ask her to move out. But alas, all is not lost! The horsemanship work has already started help bring about good changes in this pretty filly. She’ll get there!

She’s growing up to be a stunning horse with lots of “chrome.” She’s a good citizen and a future herd leader for the others. We’re excited to continue to watch her grow and figure life out!