It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies when we look at our little Pippi! It seems like just yesterday she was a wobbly little bundle of legs, gangling awkwardly around the foaling stall. She appears to be growing before our eyes and is exploring her world like a big girl, imitating mom by trying to nibble hay and drink from the water trough.

Pippi has blossomed into an outgoing little girl and has quite the inquisitive nature. She isn’t afraid of much, and she lets us handle her without fuss. She quickly learned that a brush feels really good, and when Asha gets groomed she nuzzles right up to take her turn. She recently had her first interaction with our barefoot farrier, Daphne. Pippi was enthralled by watching her mom get trimmed, and she let Daphne rasp her little feet without even having a halter on or anyone holding her.

Asha has been a wonderful mom. From the moment she laid eyes on her baby, she knew exactly what to do to best take care of her. She graciously lets us handle Pippi whenever we need to. She gives Pippi the freedom to explore, but always keeps an eye on her to make sure she stays safe. Asha has handled this whole baby situation like a pro, which makes us think that she may have done it before. Either that, or she has incredibly strong instincts.

Our vets have given both Pippi and Asha a clean bill of health. Our next step is to begin the halter training process. Once she’s had some time gaining a basic understanding of being led, she and Asha will go to a foster home where Pippi will be able to have space and freedom to learn about being a horse. We’ll bring them both back when it is time to wean her at about 6 months of age. It will be hard to say “Goodbye for now,” but she’ll be nearby and we will be able to see her regularly and manage her growing process from just a few miles away.