Horses are, for the most part, rather boring to watch most of the time (c’mon horse people, you know that objectively, it’s true). When they are not eating, be it at a hay box or with their heads dipped out on pasture, they are usually just standing around. Occasionally they will go down for a roll, or for a more extended period of time to take a little nap. But when you think of a horse in passing, you likely just imagine it standing in a field, not moving much.

Veronica is an exception to this rule. At any point during the day (meal times not included), if you spend more than a few seconds with your eyes trained at her paddock, you will find that she is flexing that athleticism of hers in one way or another.

Why are Veronica’s blankets always so filthy?” we ask during the muddy rainy seasons, noting how she has transformed yet another green or blue or checkered red into crusty, thick brown. But watch her for a little while and see how gracefully she goes down for a roll (note the absolutely disgusting spot she chooses to do so, as well), and also how she makes it over from one side to the other with ease.

Why are Veronica’s blankets ripped?” we ask during the same season, lamenting yet another rainsheet bound for the tailor (feel free to address any size 66 turnouts to one Veronica SAFE, for she has become death, destroyer of blankets). But watch – she’s kicking up her heels, running after Pepper who is decidedly less enthused about her playmate’s voracious appetite for fun. It may be that Pepper is causing the rips and tears in Veronica’s sheets, but she is not doing so unprompted. Veronica does attempt to engage Sienna in play on occasion, but Sienna definitely falls more on the ‘standing around’ side of the spectrum.

If there are horses running amok in their paddocks nearby, it is likely that the spike in energy stemmed from Veronica’s cavorting about. There is no question that Veronica derives great pleasure from a romp, and while she does spend time standing around like a typical horse, she sure is entertaining to watch. If Veronica had a theme song, it would likely be “girls just want to have fun!”