Small but mighty Pogo has found a home! Julianne reached out to SAFE interested in adding this pint-size cutie to her family as a driving horse and family pet. She and her family came to meet him and were fully informed of his current behaviors and the progress he’d made, but that he still needed some work. Having some experience with manner training, Julianne took the lead and worked well with Pogo. She gave him fair corrections and it was clear that she could handle him and keep him on the right track for training.

Right around the corner was SAFE’s Joel Conner clinic. We asked if Julianne would like to take Pogo into the groundwork portion of the clinic before taking him home and she agreed. Within the three days of the clinic we saw a huge transformation for Pogo. By Sunday he was calmly walking around near the other horses, respectfully listening to Julianne and acting like a very sweet gentleman!

Reports from his new family all have been well. He likes playing along the fence with their 16H gelding and has relaxed about the mares even when they are in season. SAFE is excited to see the progress this cutie makes with his new family and proud to say he is successfully placed with a loving forever home!