Well not the end of summer we were hoping for… A few things to settle ease your minds about the current health and welfare of the SAFE horses as we navigate these smoky times:

  1. All riding adoptions are on hold. No showing, no visits, no horses worked now and for at least 2 weeks AFTER air quality is back to “good”. We can then resume showing horses 2 weeks after we resume training… Long story short, at a minimum we are looking at a month after air quality is “good” to show and adopt any riding horses.
  2. We will resume showing companion horses once air quality is returned to “good”.
  3. Horses currently pending adoption will move forward as soon at air quality is “good” and it is safe for them to transport. (Pearl, Zoe, Amelia and Boone.)

We are sorry for any inconvenience this presents to those interested in meeting our horses or pursuing adopting a riding horse. As we continually strive to put the health and wellness of our horses first, we consulted with our veterinarians, and feel this is the best course of auction at this time.