If Poppy arrived at SAFE as a flower, it was as the first little green tendrils that come poking up through the dirt. Poppy was the shy little shadow to her near-twin Moshi, evasive about being caught and touchy about being handled. She had a bit more trouble to work through than the majority of her Graham counterparts, and unlike a fair number of them, had no experience under saddle. But like any flower, when given time to grow and conditions to thrive, Poppy blossomed. Just over a year after her arrival here at SAFE, we are excited to say that Poppy is available for adoption!

At 13 hands, Poppy is more bud than flower, but haven’t you heard that big things come in small packages? Besides, there is a certain school of thought (namely mine) that feels like the inherent risk of horseback riding becomes a bit less so when you’re closer to the ground.

Poppy is still a green horse, and therefore in need of a rider with experience working with helping a horse continue their education. She still has some learning to do, but is going well walk/trot/lope, and since her start under saddle, has been of solid mind (and has kept all four feet on the ground!)

Don’t let her ear position fool you — while we often joke that Poppy’s human equivalent would be an angsty teenager given her expression, this mare is sweet on the ground and quite easy to handle. She does well for the farrier and the vet, and will tie patiently. Another benefit of her small stature — cute, pony-sized blankets to dress her up in!

Check out this video of one of Poppy’s more recent rides, and consider coming to meet Poppy and maybe taking her home.