ROWAN UPDATE: Our little friend seems brighter and more comfortable in her ICU stall here at SAFE. She delighted her 6am feeder with a happy whinny this morning, which seems like a really positive sign. Her bloodwork came back yesterday with nothing alarming to indicate, which is a huge relief because we worry about organ failure in horses this emaciated. She’s being fed every four hours, which means that food even comes at 2am and 6am, which Rowan thinks is pretty great.

From her deeply bedded and spotlessly clean stall (yay, SAFE volunteers!!!) Rowan is starting to show a real interest in the activity around her. Today she got a short walk outside with Melinda, and then was fitted with a blanket to help keep her warm at night. All in all, she’s doing much better than expected! Keep those positive thoughts and well wishes coming because they do seem to be working!!