We have some amazing volunteers at SAFE and the connections they have with the horse are inspiring. Kaya has been dedicated to helping Lacey through some trouble and giving her the attention and miles she needs to find a home. This Christmas, Kaya had something extra special for Lacey:

Merry Christmas to Lacey! This sweet pony really deserved some toys this year. She loves nuzzling soft things like saddle pads, so I thought she needed some stuffed animals. We have also been playing with the big yoga ball in the arena a lot lately, so she got one of those for her paddock as well! She has such a childlike personality, so curious and playful, I knew she would love opening presents. I love how she was a little spooked by them at first, but kept trying to get close to them to check them out. It reminded me of when we were on the trail and she started trotting after the biker! Chase the danger! This afternoon when I went to get Lacey out of her paddock, her ball was sitting about 20 feet away outside the fence. I guess she was playing a little too hard!”