Lori had this to say about her work with Prince in the clinic:

I entered Prince into the riding portion of the Joel Conner clinic on March 18th and 19th. Prince is new to some of the tasks that were asked of him. He performed the yielding the hindquarters and forequarters under saddle extremely well. We worked on getting him to feel me through my seat. Asking him to slow and pick up speed through my feel. This is something new to him and we will continue to work on. Prince would try to pay attention and learn this new skill. He just needs more practice but I have no doubt that he will master this soon. We worked on exercises of getting close to other horses both front and hind ends. This is no problem for Prince. He is very comfortable in close quarters with other horses. We worked on getting a soft feel through the bit. Prince is usually very good at this and we will continue to work on this skill. Prince has plenty of go when asked. One thing we will be working on is slowing his gaits down to a comfortable and relaxing speed. Using the one rein stop to achieve this proved to work well for him. I have never felt that Prince would run off. I just want him to slow and relax. Prince has a very enjoyable and smooth lope. He tries hard and has a very pleasant attitude when working with him. Never has he shown any sour behavior. He is very kind and sweet. He will make someone a wonderful trail riding partner.