Remy has been working his way back to health slowly but surely. Dr. Meyer of Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital has been seeing him for chiropractic adjustments on a regular schedule, and each time he gets adjusted we see improvement. We are hopeful that this setback is now a thing of the past.

When Dr. Meyer first saw Remy, he was incredibly reactive to palpation in his back and sacroiliac (SI) regions. He was clearly in a lot of pain, and he was very protective and on guard when he thought someone was going to touch his back. We’ll never know exactly what caused this in him. He could have tweaked his back while working under saddle, slipped while playing with other horses in turnout, or even just twisted wrong one day. But with some time, patience, and bodywork, Remy seems to be on the mend. His chiropractic adjustments are pretty quick these days. In the beginning he needed many spots adjusted, but these days he just has a couple of pretty standard things out of alignment when he sees Dr. Meyer.

Remy is now back to doing groundwork and wearing a saddle. He’ll be going back to training in the near future where we will be able to fully assess his rehab progress once he gets a rider on his back again.