Recently, Teddi reminded us what an amazing herd member she can be! Since Minnie and Coco had to have their vaccines done to help them protect against strangles, we were instructed to keep them separated for one-week post-vaccine from other horses. Since it is winter, we don’t have any open paddocks, Teddi had to go back in the “filly field” with a few old friends, Rae, and a few new friends, Arigato, Echo and Freya. Without one step in the wrong direction, Teddi seamlessly melded into this new herd. She is an angel and a good reminder to us that proper social skills are a tremendous bonus on this girls long list of ideal qualities. Thank you, Teddi, for once again making our lives easy and going with the flow. You are a doll! After a week vacation from the kids, Auntie Teddi was reunited with her little ones and all are thrilled to be back together again.