Pyrrha’s past life is a mystery: she was perhaps a ranch horse, a 4H mount, or a western movie star fallen on hard times. Whatever her past may be, we know one thing for certain: her future is very bright! She has found a home with Sandra and her family to be a much-needed companion to a gentleman gelding named West.

Sandra called SAFE looking for a foster buddy for her lonely gelding. Unfortunately, she lived too far away to be a foster for SAFE and the hard part with foster horses is once they find a home, West would be alone again. After talking to Sandra, we realized the hesitation to adopt was in making sure the horse they brought home would be a match for West. Problem easily solved since SAFE adoptions always come with a 30-day trial period! After talking about the possible companions in our herd, Pyrrha sounded like the type of mare that would get along with West.

Py had come a long way from the skinny, shaggy, sad-looking mare that we met at Animal Control early in 2018. When Sandra came out to meet her the transformation was very evident. Before us now, even in the cold winter, Py has a shiny soft coat, a vigorous appetite and her “wise soul” looked up at us through kind eyes.

We are so happy that Sandra trusted us and was willing to take a chance on this girl. Here is what she had to say about Py:

We love her of course, and she was a treat with the snow. I’m not a blanket-all-the-time owner, so I would take them off on warm days, and put them back on at night and she was very easy to work with. I led them up and down the road this weekend, with me in the middle and she was great. She doesn’t let West boss her around, that’s good for him…They feel calm with each other. She comes right in with him after morning turnout, and sure likes the peppermint candy.…she is here to stay.”