• Artie tends towards the dull side, but has a lot of try. He will work hard knowing a break is coming.
  • Poll shyness — can be reactive to things in that area, especially if they are sudden. Has come a LONG way with this.
  • Can be reactive to flag by his poll or in his blind spots — new environmental factors can bother him (see can bag)
  • If you prove your leadership skills to him, that translates to his trust of you in many other capacities
  • Stopping on a hind, good. But fully turning loose to it, not as good. Might not carry over out of context.
  • Right is his more difficult side — has more trouble with things on that eye
  • Ties, but still has a bit of a pullback spot in there. Having something come up on the side of him will incite panic. Hasn’t yet tied in a trailer or shut the divider in for this reason.
  • Has been handed over to others to ride, monitoring for the common issues that might arise with a more intermediate rider.