Health & Feeding:

  • Has a little bit of extra padding at the moment, but as it is winter, will not drop down her food amount. With the introduction of grass in the spring, will lower hay to account for extra calories.


Esme is a sensitive mare. Can still be evasive occasionally about being caught in the paddock. Head mare in her group.

  • Has a lot of life, but that can translate into flightiness/overreaction
  • Sensitive about the rope around her HQ, things touching her back legs (we opt for a tail strap blanket vs leg straps to avoid potential issues escalating from volunteers blanketing/unblanketing).
  • Influenced by environment easily — can have an ‘ADD’ feeling
  • Has tied in the trailer with other horses and a hay bag, done well
  • Working on more movement (under saddle) where she’s really turning loose, as she can bottle up
  • One goal is to get intermediate riders riding her more. Doesn’t love legs on her squeezing/pinching, working on developing a ‘stop’ button as she has a lot of GO.
  • Working on short serpentines under saddle to help place the front feet, as she goes off the line.