Angel is living the good life these days. She gets to be in a lovely, large turnout paddock 24 hours a day with her best friend Renee as they do the very important work of being aunties to our three resident babies. Angel takes this role very seriously. She loves the weanlings as if they were her own daughters, she helps teach them horse manners, and she watches over them while they take naps. You’ll often find all three foals napping at the same time, with Angel standing guard over them.

Angel gets daily attention from her human friends, too. In an effort to make sure she is still easy to handle when we need her to be and not reverting to her former fearful self, Melinda spends time on most weekdays grooming her and practicing haltering/releasing, and volunteer Mona S. still does weekly freedom-based training sessions (during which she has made great strides in learning to trust new people).

This geriatric mare still has a ton of spirit and hasn’t seemed to slow down at all. She is still sound and light on her feet, and she has no trouble keeping up with the youngsters! She truly is a beautiful soul. Angel really does enjoy the company of people she knows, and when she lets you into her “inner circle,” it’s an incredible feeling.