Raven is looking more and more like the beautiful Thoroughbred filly she was born to be! Her transformation has been slow but she has put on weight and the scars from her neglect are fading. It is amazing to watch the rain rot and starvation coat fall away and this young athletic beauty emerge. SAFE Barn Manager Lindsay has put a lot of time into grooming and loving on Raven. She has been on top of treating the rain rot, introducing Raven to sponge baths, and teaching her to stand for grooming. With all this great handling, Raven has become very sweet!

This past week, Lisa started introducing Raven to very light groundwork sessions. She is learning the foundations that will help her learn good manners. This foundation will help her make an easy transition into a riding horse.

Raven is very smart and catching on quickly. Lisa said that it is really great to work with a blank slate like Raven where everything is new. Watching her process and accept what is being asked of her is exciting and rewarding. Lisa wrote this about volunteering with SAFE and working with Raven: “This is why I cannot stop talking about Save a Forgotten Equine and the work we do for our horses upon arriving at SAFE in February; a severely underweight 1 year-old with a hideous starvation coat that couldn’t hide her terrible case of rain rot, and 3 months later, 100+ lbs later with a healthy, shiny, whole coat, looking like a real filly and learning to be a productive equine citizen.”

Here are some photos of Raven working with Lisa this week: