Sweet Pepper has been back at SAFE for a few months now, has received a restart under saddle, and is ready to start meeting adopters. Due to her confirmation, Pepper will never be a tremendous athlete, but she is sound for trails and light riding, which is exactly what she’s the very best at. We work on helping Pepper to become a get on and go type, and she is a pretty straightforward ride if all you wish to do is “point and shoot.”

Pepper is a sweet and easy-going girl, but can be a bit pushy on the ground, especially if she thinks she can get away with it. She will do best with a confident handler who can set boundaries — while she might need the occasional reminder, Pepper does tend to respect a boundary once it is established.

We have referred to Pepper as a ‘geep’ (goat-sheep) because of the unique bleating-whinny she has. Much like how she is with people, out with horse friends, Pepper respects a leader and is great in a herd setting. She loves to spend her afternoon napping with her buddies, and when she comes in a stall at night, enjoys taking mouthfuls of hay and dunking them in her water buckets. She is a cute and silly little pony, and more than ready for her future home.