Every once in a while, we are reminded of just how delicate horses actually are. While announcing the loss of one of our herd is never easy, this one is a bit more painful than most. During his first saddling, in a freak accident, Lance broke his leg. While a broken bone for a human means rest and recuperation, unfortunately for a horse, really the only and kindest course of action is euthanasia. Our vet mobilized quickly, and helped Lance out of his suffering. The unexpected should always be expected with horses, and while there is always a risk in starting (and simply owning) horses, an injury like this feels almost outside the realm of possibility.

When he first arrived last May, Lance was a nervous, un-halterable stallion who was unsure if the people who now had him in their care were friend or foe. But he transformed in the 10 months he was at SAFE — both physically and mentally — into a gentle, friendly gelding; one who liked his chunky cheeks scratched, was gentle enough to be led and handled by volunteers, and who took comfort in humans. Lance was a great herd mate, making friends with his fellow geldings, and spent many an hour playing and napping alongside them – he was a tremendous napper. During his time here, he never had to worry about his next meal, or having a clean paddock, or fresh water, and if there’s one thing that a horse’s passing assures us of, it’s that they never will worry again. Lance will be lovingly remembered as a sweet guy who brightened even our cloudiest days, and his memory will live on with all of us.