Rae is coming up on her 3‑year-old birthday next week, November 1. How fast does time fly! She is just transitioning from being ridden by Joel to Terry as we come into the winter months. Over the past year, she has been worked each month in which Joel visited and ridden a max of 2–5 times each visit. Coming into winter, we will work her lightly her 2–3 days a week with some time off during the holidays. She made the transition to a new rider very easily. These days Rae is much easier to ride than she is to handle on the ground, which is kind of funny. It also demonstrates how skilled Joel is working with young horses under saddle, compared to how easy it is for those of us who are still learning to perfect this horsemanship can leave braces behind and not recognize them. Rae has a bright future and we are looking forward to confirming her has a riding horse and offering her for adoption in the months ahead.