Romeo is doing very well after his castration, and tolerating his forced exercise well.  Dr. Hannah reports he is still somewhat agitated and pacing in his stall, which is actually helping keeping the swelling under control.  That should go away in a couple more weeks as the hormones completely leave his body.  In other news, Dr. Bryant reviewed his x‑rays and was pretty impressed by the remodeling that had occurred.  He was more of the opinion that this was a fracture to the distal metacarpus and one of the sesamoids at some point.  While surgery is an option, it is a pricey one at $7000-$10000, and I am not sure how much it would buy him.  That will be out of what we can justify spending for one horse, and as he is comfortable as he is now, he will probably be adopted out as a companion horse once he is healed from his castration.