A report from Rosie’s volunteer trainer:

Rosie continues to make big strides each week. She now will come to the fence when she sees me coming instead of walking the other way, which is a huge change. We have built a trust relationship and she is more relaxed when we return to pasture because she knows that I won’t let the other horses pick on her while I am there. I’ve gotten comments from other volunteers that they see positive changes in her confidence and behavior. Today she even got after Prince which I have never seen her do!

Next, I will be working to make Rosie comfortable with her front feet being handled. She has been touchy about her front feet, but knowing Rosie, it won’t take her long to relax. I also will be working on asking for a bit more work out of her before giving her a reward. I’m so excited at how far she has come and to see where we can go together.