Ruth Kennedy always had a variety of animals growing up — strays, pound dogs, lost bunnies… That trend continued into her adulthood and with her own children. Ruth currently lives with a cat that was surrendered during the pandemic. Horses have a special place for her. She’s never “owned” a horse, but some of the most meaningful relationships in her life have been with horses. She first rode as a child on a friend’s farm, took dressage lessons much of her young adult life, and have worked with them in some form for many years. Ruth was first introduced to SAFE in 2013 when she was a volunteer and Board member at the Equamore Foundation in Oregon. SAFE had an unadoptable mare named April that needed sanctuary and Equimore offered her a place. Ruth met three SAFE representatives who came to check out the facility before sending April. After that meeting, Ruth became an enthusiastic supporter and visitor to SAFE.

Ruth is an attorney and retired as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Electronic Arts. From 2011 until 2020, she was a volunteer, board member, and President of the Equamore Foundation. She is currently an Advisor to Street Dogs Project.

As a member of the SAFE Board of Directors, Ruth hopes to help the Board, Executive Director, Advisory Council, and Staff stretch to the next level of facility ownership, broader community commitment, and long term sustainability.