From Cameo and Mara’s adopter:

I have been just terrible about updating on Cameo and Mara and I realized they’ve almost been here a whole year! Such a strange year and time no longer has any meaning but whatever! Anyway they’re doing great! Mara’s eye has been so good, she wears a UV blocking mask when it’s bright out and it hasn’t bothered her in months, except when she got her fall shots. The only thing I’m really having to watch is her feet — they’re so tiny they’re hard to keep clean…and she loves to poop and then stand in it.

Cameo is getting more confident (and less resentful I guess?) about riding in general. I’m doing lots of positive reinforcement and just going at whatever pace she’s comfortable with for going off the property alone. She likes to stop and think about things a lot and I feel like once she has a chance to decide, she’s got a lot of curiosity and wants to go places with no pressure from me at all. It’s a good exercise for me in being clear in what I’m doing without making her feel overly pressured and resistant. She’s so cute and funny and I love her and Mara to little bits. Thanks again to everyone who got these girls out of their bad situations and into my barn, I’m so glad every single day!!