SAFE’s reach extends beyond the 30 horses who we keep on-site in our care. Our Safe at Home Community Assistance Program is designed to provide short term assistance to horse owners struggling to care for their horses. The goal of this program is to partner with horse owners in our community to keep their horses in their homes and out of the rescue pipeline. Through this program, we are able to help around 150 horses a year outside our own herd. A recent success story is one featuring our gelding vouchers, sponsored by the Marion and Richard Graham Foundation. The recipient writes:
“I wanted to send a note of appreciation. SAFE’s gelding grant program allowed me to do right by my horses. During their appointments to be gelded, hoof care, vaccinations, teeth checks were all able to be completed. The grants that covered a large portion of their geldings afforded the opportunity to have the other crucial horse health care be completed at the same time. Your program supports responsible horse ownership for those owners NOT in the breeding world. Thank you again for providing such great education and support. The customer service we received was amazing. Again, thank you! P.S. both my boys are doing amazing!”