Penned by Best Buddy to Shasta and Sunny
The SAFE mini horse ambassadors, Shasta and Sunny D, recently were invited to visit the Fairwinds-Redmond Retirement Community, along with their SAFE Volunteer handlers, Jackie L and Debbie M. One of the many things they enjoyed about their visit was the short trailer ride from SAFE Harbor Stables to Fairwinds-Redmond as it is located on Avondale Road, just off of Novelty Hill Road. This would have been a walkable distance for them if the shoulder was wider on Novelty Hill and the traffic less!
Another thing they enjoyed about their visit was the number of new friends they made among the residents, staff and children who were there to meet them. Everyone appropriately commented on how cute they are as they petted, brushed and/or had their pictures taken with them. The spacious patio where everyone gathered was quite relaxing; and Shasta took advantage of it by snoozing while their new friends learned about SAFE and its mission. Sunny was so relaxed he actually let his resident host, Mary, pick hay chaff from his forelock as he contentedly stood by her side as she sat next to him. Both Shasta and Sunny further enjoyed a stroll around the lovely grounds and munching on some well-manicured lawn before heading home to SAFE.
What a lovely way for Shasta and Sunny to spend an afternoon being ambassadors for SAFE! Based on the number of smiles on the faces of those who met them, a good day was had by all! Thank you to Mary for welcoming the SAFE minis to her home and to Jen, Fairwinds – Redmond Program Supervisor, for coordinating with Jackie to make the visit happen. As Jen said afterwards, “I hope we can do it again soon.