Sage came to SAFE a shaggy, slightly pushy pony, but through good handling and Horsemanship groundwork at SAFE she blossomed into a polite equine citizen, and in January 2019, she was adopted by Raven Rock Ranch as a therapy horse. Keeping with Raven Rock Ranch’s custom, Sage has been rechristened with an R name, “Robin,” which is as cute as can be!

Originally offered as a companion pony, her personality and good health meant she could make a sweet lead line pony. At Raven Rock Ranch, she’ll join a herd of fellow rescue horses helping at-risk youth heal through horse therapy. We think it’s a perfect match.

Sandy at RRR reports: “Robin settled in so well! She met her new roommate, Ruthie in the arena and not so much as a squeal. Ruthie is her security blanket and she likes to have visual contact with her. She’ll get used to the fact that Ruthie is always coming back. For now, it is a safe place for Robin.”

Sandy is taking exceptional care of this little mare. She had struggled with itchy skin at SAFE, especially in the summer. It seemed to flare up with the move and they did an allergy test to see if anything she was eating could be causing her discomfort. Sure enough, not only is she allergic to timothy hay but also soy, corn, beet and rice products along with carrots and pollen and weeds! They have adjusted her diet and she is feeling MUCH better. This is the kind of wonderful care Raven Rock gives to their horses. Robin is very lucky to have found a place in their herd!

Robin goes up to everyone to meet them,” Sandy says. “She’s very social which makes her even more perfect.” SAFE is so happy for this sweetheart mare and amazed by the work she will be doing with her brilliant caregivers and friends at Raven Rock.