Miss pony mare Sage got to participate in her very first Joel Conner clinic last month, thanks to her friend Lisa! Here’s what Lisa had to report:

I had the happy fortune to work with Little Miss Sage in part of the groundwork portion of the recent Joel Connor Clinic. This was Sage’s 1st introduction to the SAFE Horsemanship work and this little old gal did great… despite the fact that the first thing she tried to do was climb into my back pocket! With Joel’s help, we established some basic, but firm, perimeters that defined my personal space. Once she learned that moving her body away from me as opposed to on top of me earned her a release, she was much changed! She became relaxed, attentive, and interested in the work. She never blinked an eye at the flag or the Rope coils and on day 2 we worked on roping her feet. Sage has fairly tender feet, so spends her outdoor time in SoftRide boots, but was not exactly cooperative in getting them back on after Clinic Day 1.… BUT, by the end of day 2, she had learned to pick her feet up softly and willingly, letting me guide a foot any which way while practically dozing off!! This little mare blew me away; by the end of the clinic, I was leading her by a front foot, she was teaching volunteers how to safely lead and walk a horse while respecting their space, and she was a perfect little lady having her boots put back on. What a doll!!