Little Sage is turning a corner! Her manners and groundwork have improved so much since she came to SAFE. We have a few different horsemanship volunteers working with her. Our biggest goal right now is getting her good about picking up her hooves. In the last week, we’ve brought her out daily to do rope work with her hind legs and boy, what a difference even a few sessions have made!

This work is important for safety when picking her hooves but also for farrier visits. By teaching her to release from pressure we are helping her find peace and relaxation. She has a bit of a “pushy pony attitude” so anything that helps her accept leadership helps her overall behavior. Another reason it’s important for horses to give to pressure on their legs is in case they were ever to get caught up in a fence or something wrapping around their legs. It could save their life if instead of thrashing to get free they give to the pressure and wait for help.

Sage would make a nice addition to a family. She loves other horse and would be a good companion. We will continue to improve her manners and may even see about saddling her up. For now, she is healthy and ready for a companion home!