To answer everyone’s questions, yes, I was able to get the signature I needed with help from a great lawyer. It was a bit costly, but it was worth it because I do want to participate in the breed shows. 

I’m in the home stretch with respect to registration. I sent in Sasha’s hair for the DNA test last week and have a tentative registry number (yay!). They’re just confirming her sire & dam are in fact Shoshana Shari & Snowlion RSI. 

I’ll update when I have the papers in hand!

Sasha is doing very well with her training. My trainer has been able to ride her in the outdoor arena (much more open and more to be distracted by). She did a complete loop of the arena at the trot and a few circles at the trot as well. I’ve ridden her a few times, too. She pretty responsive and seems to really just want a job. She’s very smooth, so it will be fun to get her under western. I had bought a nice little Wintec western saddle, but it pinched her withers and I’m sending it back. 

I’ll take some pictures of her and will try to get some video of me riding her to post.