Megan has opted to list Sasha via our SAFE-Assisted rehoming program. As most of you are aware, Sasha suffered a suspensory injury to her right hind last summer. Here is a write-up that was provided by the vet:

Having just reviewed Sasha’s history, the summary is that she has a suspensory injury to her rh, which shows up as mild on ultrasound but has not responded to conservative therapy, IE stall rest and rehabilitative exercise program. How she injured the ligament we have no idea, it could have been during a bucking or rearing or kicking session in the pasture. There is a poor prognosis for return to riding soundness, (approx 35% chance), with continued conservative therapy. There is a surgery called suspensory fasciotomy which helps a great deal with suspensory origin injuries — to qualify for that she would need another ultrasound to see if the injury really is at the origin of the ligament, (on the initial ultrasound it appeared to be more mid body), and the surgery itself is several thousand $$ and has a success rate of approximately 80%. It functions to relieve pressure on a permanently enlarged suspensory origin and also cuts the nerve specifically to that area. Other treatment modalities include shock wave therapy and continued exercise rehabilitation, or just turning her out in the pasture for 6 months to a year and rechecking her for soundness at the end of that time. 

Prior to her injury, Sasha had been in training with Amber at Pond-de-Luca Stables and was doing well at all three gaits. Sasha has been registered with the AHA at considerable expense to the adopter and can be shown should she return to soundness. Sasha will make an excellent companion horse and possibly a riding horse with further treatments and/or pasture rest.