Sasha is doing well, I had my husband take some video of us lunging. I decided not to put her saddle, bridle, and side reins on today since it was so warm and I just wanted to give her little bit of exercise.

She had gone lame in her rear legs about 2–3 weeks ago and I had the vet out and we ended up doing x‑rays to see if she had OCD lesions or patellar fixation. It turned out to be the latter (thank goodness!). I figured that would be it since she had one incident of locking. Coming out of her lameness, we have been easing her back into her daily workouts but she’s doing very well. We’ve moved her to the outdoor arena to work since the sand is deeper and it will help her gain more muscle. 

So, the time she was lame, she had a lot of ground work with the cross-ties and such. She is so good in them now. She stands still, does not dance around, and you can brush her, pick her feet, and do farrier positions with her in the ties. We’re working on being able to saddle her in them (she does have a tendency to back up a bit when we tighten the girth). I’ve also been working with her at the wash rack because she doesn’t care too much for the water and the hose. I did get her to be comfortable enough to drink from the hose and I was able to get her front feet wet, so we’re coming along there. 

Amber (trainer) will be getting on her back again tomorrow (she was riding her at the walk around the arena before the minor setback). Enjoy the video of her! Today was working on light stuff (walk/trot) and getting her to stop while trotting. She caught on pretty quick as you can see from the video. I’ll have to get video of me lunging her under saddle. She really is beautiful when she tucks her head and moves out.