From Megan:

We moved Sasha to her new home at Pond-a-Luce‑A Stables today (about 2–3 mins from KCJ). She really enjoys the indoor arena and her new stall. She was excited and unsure of the trailer and it took a little longer than we’d hoped to get her loaded up. But, the Barn Manager at the new stable pulls her trailer into the arena once a week for practice loading and unloading (there are a lot of green horses at the stable–so Sasha will fit right in). I’ll be taking advantage of that so she gets used to it and doesn’t forget it’s something she’s done before.

When we got there, we walked the arena and she was such a good girl! She’s turning into quite the little showmanship horse with her willingness to stop when I do, back and turn on the haunches when I ask. She’s a very quick study and I can’t wait to get her under saddle.

Next Saturday she’ll have her teeth done and hopefully her feet (if not next Saturday, the following Saturday). I forgot the camera to take pics of her in her new home, but will take it tomorrow and take some shots of her to post for everyone.