From Megan:
Sasha update: Vet did a block on her right rear leg and confirmed the issue is her rear suspensories, let’s hope it’s not degenerative. She is on unlimited hand walking & stall/paddock rest for two months, then we can begin riding her at the walk or 10 mins for 14 days, 20 mins for another 14 days, then 2–3 mins of trotting with the walking for another 14 days and then we’ll re-evaluate her. The vet felt her leg confirmation wasn’t bad and was not likely the cause. If it is DSLD, then she has a 60% chance of re-injury. If not and she does well with her rehab, then she has a 25% chance of re-injury. 

She’s a little ball of energy, so we’ll see how she tolerates the hand walking and stall rest.