From Megan:
Good Morning-
I wanted to post a quick update on Sasha (sorry it’s been so long!). She’s currently on hold with her training as she’s had some lameness issue with her hind end. Originally Tacoma Equine thought it was a stifle issue, but Dr. Sara Owens is working with her and after attempting to block (Sasha was a bit naughty with that) and doing x‑rays, nothing conclusive has come up. It seems to be a soft tissue injury and we’ll be doing an ultrasound to determine what may be going on with her. 

Other than that, we were doing W/T/C and recently working with her on spray bottles and clippers. She’s very ticklish with the clippers up by her bridle path, but coming along. She’s also tolerant of spraying on her legs while standing still, which is a big improvement!

I’ll update when we find out what’s going on with Sasha. On another note, I saw that Amber healed nicely and is back in training–that’s great! She really has turned into a beautiful mare. I’m only allowed one horse at a time, otherwise I’d be looking at her!