From Merle:

I went and got Sasha from Jaime’s today. She will spend some time here “playing” in the round pen. Sasha was a little reluctant to get in the trailer but finally decided to go in. 

And a funny story from Valerie:

Thought I would share a funny Sasha story — back when Sasha first came to Jaime’s and was housed in the arena (see pics above where Jaime describes trying to catch her to fix her blanket and put a halter back on her — that is me in the green coat) on that day — when I had tried to do those thing by myself — this little girl was an absolute bi-yatch to me. Each time I approached, she would move off but in the event that I DID get close enough to touch her — she would pin her ears and made a move to bite me a few times and lifted a hind leg as a warning a few times. She was giving plently of warnings to stay away and I could see she would most likely follow through with the threats under pressure.
I have to say — Jaime does seem to have a way with those who shall not be caught…I was exasperated with this horse and to be honest — did NOT like her one bit after that experience (plus — Arabs have never been my favorite).

AAAAnyway.…so fast forward about maybe a week or 2 later when they were put out in the back pasture — I had to go out to the back back back of that pasture to go get a horse or a halter or something.…and I was fully aware that at some point Sasha began to follow behind me…I ignored her — didn’t lilke her, didn’t like that day that she wouldn’t let me catch her and certainly didn’t like her threatening me on that day either.… So, I kept walking and she followed until she was right behind me walking along…

I walked about another 50 or so feet with this girl RIGHT behind me and I finally stopped and turned around as in “What do YOU want?!?” and she stood before me — head low — with a blackberry branch stuck in her forelock and this branch was the size of her head! It was if she was saying.…ummm…remember when I was an ass to you? Well…ummm.…sorry ’bout that and.…could a gal get some help here?

I laughed! She stood stock still while I untangled that thing out of her forelock and tossed it. She nuzzled with me and from that day on — I could do anything with her. She did a complete 180 from that awful day in the arena. And not just with me — it’s as if she just decided that the food was regular and no one hurt her and well, maybe they all just deserve another chance after all.

She is by far and away — THE most loving horse I have EVER met — no horse I know just WANTS that attention so badly that she is literally glued to you whereever you go and she is an absolute beauty. Smart and personable.…someone is going to have an absolute treasure with this one and I cannot SAY enough good things about this girl. And she is built really nicely too.

Arabs. ;)