Scarlett has continued to be a good girl for her handwalking rehab. She shows signs of being very stiff in her hocks. We are continuing to monitor her through her rehab and look for ways to make her more comfortable. We recently had a new set of shoes put on Scarlett and Marla Karabinos made some wonderful changes that are already helping her feel better. Because her hocks were sore, Marla had us stand Scarlett on an incline with her front feet on the topwhile Marla trimmed her hinds. It worked great and took the pressure off Scarlett having to bend her hocks too much. She was much happier for the trim in this position.

SAFE volunteers have been caring for Scarlett and everyone loves to help with her handwalking. We recently had 9 year old Neil, the son of one of our volunteers, come out for the afternoon with his mom. While he likes all the horses, his favorites are Khianna, Cameo, and Scarlett. He and his mom groomed Scarlett and then Neil helped handwalk her. Here are a few photos of Neil giving Scarlett some much needed TLC. She was such a sweet heart!