Former stallions Scooter and Oscar are both doing well and Dr Hannah feels like Oscar is ready to get his dental float and have his sarcoids removed, so he has an appointment scheduled for the 19th. Our plan is to send Oscar into training about a week after his sarcoids are removed.

Oscar did well having his feet trimmed today, he had a mare standing behind him and a horse in a stall in front of him. He didn’t “drop” at all which was great. He did give the “stink eye” a couple times, but nothing bad. Our farrier, Daphne, has mentioned she is willing to go up north to trim him next time to provide him some consistency while he is learning to respect people working on his feet.

Scooter was pretty good but not as good as Oscar. He did drop a few times and had to be backed up and reminded that was not appropriate (especially from our farrier’s perspective) He is not as far along as Oscar in his behavioral changes and will require some more time, hard work, and patience.