Scotty arrived at SAFE with his half-sibling Violet, the two of them essentially attached at the hip. In order to foster new and healthy relationships (and mitigate the herdboundness that existed in each of them), we made a point of introducing them to new friends once they were off their quarantine. Scotty popped over into our ‘boys herd’ (we are a mare-heavy organization, and thus only have one herd of geldings at present) to join the likes of Montana, Artie, and new member Lance.

The day we introduced Scotty was the day that Delcan, another tall gangly arab, left for foster. Although the intricate rituals of nostril-sniffing are beyond our measly human comprehension, it seemed from an outside perspective that, to the horses in Paddock 17, Declan had just changed color. There was no fanfare upon Scotty’s arrival, merely a look from Artie that said ‘why are you introducing me to a horse I already know?’ Montana had similar thoughts, and thus, a new herd was born.

However, interestingly enough, Scotty has usurped Montana as ruler of the pack. He lords over the dirt and hay with the same mostly benevolent leadership that his pinto counterpart showed, though will occasionally move that state-named horse off a haybox just to prove that now he is, in fact, the Primary Mover of Feet. He and Artie have become fast friends, with the two never far from one another during mealtimes, proving that while he may be king, he is not opposed to breaking bread with his subjects.

Scotty enjoys being in a paddock that butts up to one of the Mare Herds, and spends his days checking out the pretty ladies next door. It’s great to see him be such an amicable herdmate, and speaks well to his future as a friend to not only a human, but also to some lucky mare or gelding!