Sebastian arrived at SAFE a little over a month ago, and already looks like a different horse. He has put on a substantial amount of weight, and while he still has a bit to gain to obtain optimal rotundness, he is certainly looking more like a horse should. His early blood work results came back with unhealthy liver levels — a frequent reality for older, malnourished horses. Since he has been in our care, we have been supplementing his feed with milk thistle, an herb proven to help bolster liver function, and hope to see improvement when we retest his blood in the coming weeks. When he arrived, he was quite swollen, and we have seen improvement on this front as well.

Sebastian’s time at SAFE has been quite eventful thus far. He saw the farrier here for the first time (likely not the first time he’s ever seen a farrier, but he will require a bit reacquainting before he is entirely comfortable with the process). He will soon be added to our grooming program, where the list of volunteers assigned to brush and love on sweet old Sebastian will grow. Already, he has quite a few fans of his gentle nature — he is most certainly an easy horse to spend time with. He gets regular grass time alongside his friend Bijou, the two typically enjoying a roll in unison before getting to work munching.

While he is not quite out of the medical woods yet, we are looking forward to continuing to nurse this old guy to health and give him the loving retirement he deserves.